English Speaking - Know about the English Speaking CountriesEnglish is the preferred language all over the world. The English language grew adhesion around the world in the 17th century. It has become the foremost language of international discourse. It is an official language for almost 67 countries. Learn about English Speaking – Know about the English Speaking Countries in Spoken English Classes in Chennai

The countries using English Language

United States of America

The English language is associated with the United Kingdom and the United States. These two countries are massive English Speaking countries. There are 200 to 230 million English speakers in the US, and it is the largest, using the English language. While 42 million people use English as a second language in the US.

United Kingdom

In the UK, they have around 70 million people using English. It is a small country with few speakers who use English as a native language. Canada is the third-largest country using the English language. Then comes Australia with a population of 17 million people. 


In India, around 125 million people use the English language. A few of them use English as their first language while others use this as a second language. Most probably, both English and Hindi are used to communicate.


Along with the Urdu language, English is the standard language used in Pakistan. Urdu is the most preferred language and 50 percent of them use this as a second language. 


This country has two official languages, Filipino and the other is English. Around 38,000 people speak English as a first language. Then 90 percent of the population speaks English as a second language. Join Spoken English Classes in Chennai Anna Nagar to learn in detail.

Countries with Highest English Proficiency

According to a survey made by the English Proficiency Index(EPI), it is estimated that most of the countries use English. 


From the survey taken, 95% of people speak English and, the EPI mark is 72.8%, with the highest proficiency.


This country is known for its English skills. The EPI score for this country is 70.71%. 


The EPI score for Sweden is 70.71 and 95 percent of people use English as a second language.


The English Proficiency Index for Norwegian is 71.3 and 90 percent of people use English.


The EPI score is 68.9 and 80 percent speak English as a second language.

How does English Spread around the world?

In the 20th century, the US arose as a major administrative power, after World war II. The influence of English in films and news continued to spread the language. English is the most widely spoken and written language that has ever existed.