The first responsibility of becoming an android developer is to understand the core concepts of Android Development in depth. To Understand the concepts of android development as a fresher going for Android Training in Bangalore will be very helpful. If you are wondering how to become an android developer, then this blog will help you out. There are large no apps which are released day to day in the current scenario in Google Play Store. Mastering the skills required for android developer will help you to set a great future now. Responsibilities of Android Developer : There are several responsibilities you will be facing when you become an Android Developer. Depending on the firm, these tasks and duties will change. Below we will look at some familiar roles and responsibilities for an android developer. Building app functionality and UI : The main task for the android developer is to build an app with a unique design and with solid functionality. To build an app, you need to write clean code and also build a well-thought architecture by avoiding the bugs in it. Enrolling for certification in Android Course in Bangalore will help you to learn how to make the apps without occurring bugs. Collaborating with other team members : It is essential for all the software developers to build and maintain an effective communication with other team members in the company. These team members may be from UI/Ux designers to backend developers. To perform well and to collaborate with other team members nicely, proper communication is a most needed one. Tackling the Database : Generally, an Android developer needs to work with some external resources such as APIs and Databases. This means you should be well equipped to deal with third-party codes written by other software engineers. Fixing Bugs : But unfortunately, it comes while developing an android app for every developer. The main task of an android developer is to find the bugs in the development process and fix them. These bugs are usually found by Quality Assurance Engineers. Staying Up to Date : Being an Android Developer at an IT company, you should need to master your skills and gain new knowledge all the time. Without a proper understanding of the current updates and latest versions in Android development, it will be tough to become a good Android Developer at present. To stay updated on this platform, enrolling on certification on Android at Android Training Institutes in Bangalore will be helpful. Skills Required for an Android Developer : Expertise in Java & Kotlin. Vital Android SDK concepts. Decent Experince with SQL. Knowledge of GIT. XML Basics. Conclusion : We believe you now have a better understanding of Android development and how to do it. As there is a lot of hiring and demand for Android Developers, more and more companies are recruiting these developers. To tackle the interview in an easier way, you can go through the Android Interview Questions posted. To become an efficient Android Developer and learn the detailed course join FITA Academy.