How To Avoid Stress While Preparing For Civil Service Exams?

The Civil Services exam is considered one of the hardest exams in India. A large number of students appear for it every year. However, only a small percentage of people can fulfill their dreams of becoming an IPS or IAS officer. The Top IAS Academy in Chennai teaches their students that this exam could be cracked when there is the right guidance and strategy.

Tips For Avoiding Stress While Preparing For Civil Service Exams:


During UPSC coaching classes and rigorous study schedules, it will be easy to forget about the necessity to stay physically active. Most students end up discarding their physical health. This not just makes them exposed to illnesses but has a negative impact on their behavior as well. Exercising regularly and staying active can go a long way when it comes to beating stress. Brisk walking, yoga, and other exercises will keep the body active and also increase the concentration level and alertness of a student.

Balanced Diet:

An IAS Academy in Anna Nagar suggests aspirants have a balanced diet as it will help them stay fit mentally and physically. Certain students, especially those who are staying away from their homes end up ignoring their diet. As they dont want to spend sufficient time preparing food, they often end up eating fast food. The right food not only energizes the body but also increases mental alertness. Healthy dietary choices include low-fat milk, broccoli, raw carrots, yogurt, and nuts. Desserts, chocolates, and refined sugar should be avoided.

Proper Sleep:

Sleep is one of the most discarded aspects of civil services exam preparation. Several students develop the habit of studying at night and end up drinking a lot of coffee to stay awake. This can distract their normal body cycle and affect their health as well. Even if any aspirant prefers studying late in the night, it is necessary to ensure that he/she gets at least 6-8 hours of sleep. So, proper sleep and rest will help the body cope with the challenge of studying for long hours.

Thus, the best IAS Academy in Chennai has given a clear picture of all the above tips for avoiding stress while preparing for civil services exams so that aspirants make use of it efficiently.

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