Features Of Android 12

Android ClassesAndroid 12 latest version of android and the most significant update to the operating system in years, and now that we’ve reached the second public beta, we’re getting a better idea of what the final version will look like.

It’s still experimental software, and an official launch isn’t expected for a time, so a lot could happen between now and the final release. But, for the time being, this is all there is to know about Android 12 is a new android update in its current state. Join Android Training in Coimbatore to enhance your technical skills in Android platform.

What is the significance of the name Android 12?

In the year 2020, Google verified the name.

Last September, Google stated in an Android Developers blog post that the Android update for 2021 will be called Android 12.

The goal is to make things more formal, so instead of pushing the sweet treat names it used previously, Google is utilizing a basic numerical approach.

Is Android 12 bringing anything fresh to the table?

Yes, a lot, is the quick answer. There will be a slew of modifications by the time the official release arrives, including a major makeover of the user interface, as well as new personalization and privacy features. Here are a few of the adjustments that have already taken place.

Clock on the Screen Lock

The new lock screen clock is likely to be the first thing you see when you turn on an Android 12 phone for the first time. A huge digital clock takes pride of place in the center of the screen while your phone is free of alerts.

Keys to the PIN code

When you swipe to unlock the phone, you’ll see that the PIN code keypad has a new design. The pastel-colored ‘buttons’ are circular, big, and simple. We anticipate that the similar style will appear on the phone dialer as well.


Notifications have also received some changes in terms of design. Notification windows have altered in appearance, and they are now automatically grouped by app or split if they are not conversational.

Also, instead of having to swipe on the notice to snooze it, there’s a new simple snooze option that you can simply press. You can then snooze certain notifications for a specified period of time.

Shade adjustments in a flash

You won’t see those little round toggles if you drop down fast settings and notifications from the top of the screen. Instead, considerably larger rectangular controls, similar to those found in Android 11’s Power menu for controlling smartphone devices, have been installed.

The color scheme is very interesting in this case. Google enabled a feature in beta 2 that allows it to choose a color automatically based on the wallpaper you have. As a result, if your wallpaper is mostly pink/purple, the quick settings shade will be pink/purple as well. Alternatively, if your wallpaper is green, use that color. And so forth.

Dashboard for personal data protection

The Privacy Dashboard is one of the primary new official enhancements. It’ll make it simple to see which apps have accessed certain rights. Whether it’s your camera and microphone, or your location. Furthermore, you can choose to provide an app only an estimated location rather than an exact position when you initially run it and it requests access to your location.

In the fast shade menu, Android 12 beta 2 also includes quick on/off toggles that disable the microphone, location, and camera so that no one can use them.


To summarize, there are numerous top Android versions accessible based on their efficiency, but Android 12 is latest android version. So, it’s best to keep up with the times and get Android Training in Chennai that will help us advance our careers.

Given the durability of the field, enrolling in Android Training is sure to help you advance your career. Learn Android Online Course under the guidance of professional training specialists.

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