Major Features of iOS 18: What to Expect

Good news to iOS users: Apple made their major announcement of theiriOS18 at the WWDC 2024 (Worldwide Developers Conference) held on June 10th; in this iOS update, Apple has introduced AI to its devices and is calling it Apple Intelligence. It works on Siri on all devices, majorly on Mac, iPhone, Ipad and also introduced a new Genmoji, where you can create custom emojis. In this blog, you will be amazed and mind blown by the all new Apple’s iOS18 updates and features.

Features of iOS 18


Personalized Home Screen

  • Apple has released updates on iOS18, which include major changes to the Home screen. You can customize and change the colours of icons (automatic, dark, light, and tinted) and the sizes of the home screen icons. The home screen icon placement has not changed, but it has given more freedom than the previous version of the iOS. Another major change was made to Lock the home screen applications.
  • Apple’s first-party password application also needs Face ID and allows the user to store passwords, which was not available in past iOS updates.

Control Centre Customization 

  • Another major change was made in the Control centre: the icons can now be resized to be round instead of square.
  • A new feature that the user can customize in the Control Center availability and not instead of going to the settings.

Calculator and Notes

  • iOS18 update has made a drastic change to the calculator where there is a new feature called Math Notes by which it can do math problems by identifying (=) symbol
  • Voice memos can be made directly on the notes and can be heard anywhere, anytime. This is called Live Audio Transcription.


Shortcut icons in lock screen can be customized instead of torchlight and camera icons Which was not available in the past version of iOS.

All new Eye Tracking

  • Eye Tracking went viral when Apple introduced it because it was discovered for persons with physical disability.
  • It uses AI features and the iPhone’s front-facing camera to calibrate in seconds, allowing users to navigate the iPhone with just their eyes.
  • It is the standout feature of this update

Customization in Settings

Icons were reorganized to the First party and Third party applications.

The iCloud section was organized better and differently than in the previous iOS version, making it more attractive to iOS users

T9 Call Dialer 

  • Apple has introduced an all-new iOS 18 features T9 Dialer. It gets suggestions of the number saved in contacts and has also added a new feature: call recording, which can also be transcribed after the call. The recipient and the person on the other side will get a prompt that the call is being recorded, which was not available in the past versions.

Apple Intelligence 

  • Apple has introduced its all-new Apple intelligence to its users, which only works on Apple iPhone 15 pro series and upcoming devices.
  • Some of the features are summarizing the user’s email, messages etc.
  • Another new feature is smart reply, which suggests replies to messages based on conversations that the user has had with others. You can also text Siri, which is new in iOS18 and not available in the previous versions.
  • Apple has also improved its Siri, which now can capture and correct if the user stammer and understands human mumbles.
  • Siri can also now edit from albums by commanding. All of this is happening due to app awareness,
  • There are so many more features of the iOS18 Apple intelligence where the user can generate images using Apple’s new AI.
  • It turns words into images and can create AI-generated photos of the people the user tags in the album. It can also customize the styles of the photos, such as sketches, animations, and illustrations. This feature makes the user more creative. All this process can be done in the Image Playground. Apple gives tough competition to Android

AR – Augmented Reality

Apple has also focused on AR-augmented reality applications in Apple Maps, which gives topographic maps and trail networks, from which it will enhance AR navigation in Apple Maps application to interactive AR tools; this provides a richer AR ecosystem for users to explore.

Apple Pay

In iOS18, Apple Pay has improved a lot more, with super cool features such as paying through Airdrop that were not available in the previous updates.

Apple Wallet

Apple wallet has also been updated and now supports digital IDs and driver’s licenses in more regions. This makes it more feasible for users to carry necessary and important identification without needing physical card types. This feature will include enhanced security measures to protect the user’s data, such as encrypted storage and Face ID authentication for access.

Apple Event summary Conclusion 

iOS 18 marks a magnificent place in Apple’s iPhone software history. The AI Apple Intelligence implementation in Siri, the new Apple playground feature, offers fancy animations and a user-friendly experience. iOS 18 provides a focus on performance, security, and futurism. This update ahead the way for a new future of iPhones and Apple’s upcoming products

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