How many hours you should study while preparing for IAS exam?

A combined study of 16-18 hours a day is necessary for cracking the IAS Test. Likewise, to properly prepare for the IAS Test, one should not engage with anything else in life. The famous belief continues to recommend that a candidate put himself in a room and waste as little time as possible for everyday tasks. So UPSC Coaching Centre in Chennai will explain some important things regarding this.

Preparing isn’t meant isolating:

Preparing for IAS is not about alienating and isolating yourself from the universe. Cutting down all contacts is a difficult and dangerous misconception. Life and ways of living are exactly the same, except for having much more intensity and continuity. In reality, by experiencing life in isolation and cutting down on leisure time, the planning will not go smoothly. One must wholeheartedly follow his interests and hobbies.

Quality is more important than the quantity:

It is not the amount of time that matters most, but the effectiveness and the quality of time. An aspirant should not research merely for the purpose of learning and measuring the length. Consider a case in which an aspirant sits on the table for 16 hours holding a book, but can’t understand much or can’t focus much. Can these also be counted as study hours for IAS exams? These are where one can define and understand the study time efficiently.

Ideally, an aspirant will study with an intensification up to 12 hours prior to a month of examination and for 9-10 hours across the year. Maintaining continuity is, therefore, the most important thing. Also if an aspirant practices for 5-6 hours a day, he has to do the same all year round with intense discipline and dedication as per Civil Service Coaching In Chennai.

Realistically speaking, holding the momentum up for more than a month while training more than 12 hours a day can be extremely challenging. During the day our mind does not stick to the same capacity of comprehension by the continual study. Continuing to work on the same productivity gets very complicated.

Relax your mind:

Taking out some time for relaxation and entertainment while preparing for the examination is very important. These are some of the vital components to support a candidates organized and steady study. Failing to spend time on this may lead to pressure.


The article written by Top IAS Coaching in Chennai can be summarized that not by the number of hours, but by reiterating the value of productive and quality time. In addition, one must not put too much focus on evaluating the study time. The hours of study should not be composed of a situation with pressure and stressed hours. Study with ease, curiosity, comfort, and desire.

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