How to prepare for UPSC with simple strategies?

Best IAS Academy in Chennai

The UPSC Exam is one of the toughest to crack in India but it is possible to qualify if you follow the right strategy. There are various IAS Academy in Chennai available for preparation. From the classes, you will get knowledge for the exam. The teachers will guide you with complete information and techniques. The following is the strategy list on how to crack the examination:

Beginning and Advanced Stage:

You need to start with NCERT Books of classes 6 to 12 because it will clear your basics. Revise all the topics at least 5-6 times. When you will complete your NCERT, then you need to move to the advanced level books. The following is the book list:

  • Ancient History: RS Sharma
  • Medieval History: Satish Chandra
  • Modern History: Rajiv Ahir
  • Polity: M Laxmikant
  • Art and Culture: Nitin Singhania
  • Economy: Sanjeev Verma and Ramesh Singh
  • Physical and Indian Geography: GC Leong and Majid Hussain
  • Atlas is very important for geography, Orient Black Swan and Oxford
  • Current Affairs: The Hindu, PIB, PRS.

Best IAS Academy in Chennai

Coaching for Study:

The UPSC exam covers a vast range of topics and it is recommended that you opt for some guidance. Hence,  you can join the Top Ias Coaching In Bangalore for proper knowledge. You will get access to expert faculty lectures from the classes. The teachers will help you with all the tips and tricks to crack the civil service exam, strategies for Prelims and Mains, and all the important resources.

Discussion and Smart Study:

When you will start your study then try to discuss issues related to various subjects and topics with your friends and teachers. Don’t waste your time studying irrelevant material, you need to focus on your syllabus. The exam carries negative marks for wrong answers so you need to improve your learning skill.

Stay away from Negativity:

UPSC civil service exam is a marathon! You need to run slowly at the beginning of the journey. You have to remember that, you will face some difficulties during the preparation, but do not lose hope and keep your claim.

Practice and Keep Revising:

Mains is an important part of the exam. For this exam, you have to write your answers in 150-250 words. So, you have to practice writing answers daily. Keep revising as much as you can, it will help you to crack the exam.

Thus, these are the tips for UPSC preparation. You can enroll in IAS Academy in Trivandrum for a mock test. Do hard work and Believe in yourself. All the Best!

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