Things Needs To Be Known About Canada Immigration

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Canada offers the most extensive and easier immigration systematic procedures which can be made use of according to each one’s convenience. If people want to do Canada Immigration Chennai, then they must keep a few facts clear. In this article, you will learn what things need to be known about Canada Immigration: 

Things Needs To Be Known About Canada Immigration:

Status Of A Canadian Permanent Resident Does Not Get Expired:

Once a person has become a permanent resident of Canada and has got a PR status, then it will remain with him/her for a longer period. The only deviation is the issuance of the departure order from the Canadian government to cancel the status officially in case one hasn’t met the residency obligations. 

Appealing The Matter:

Canada also offers a right to the application, it always considers the applicant’s issues and needs. In case if one disagrees with the decision of the Canadian government they can appeal. Though one should not directly appeal, he/she can place a polite request to reconsider his/her application. 

Criminal Convictions Related To Permanent Residents:

The Best Immigration Consultants In Bangalore say that if any one has been convicted of any crime, then they have to be ready to get deported from Canada to their home countries. If they have been sentenced to less than a year, then there is still a possibility to appeal, but the waiting time would be longer.

Several Canadian PNPs Are Associated To Express Entry System:

Express Entry was not associated with most of the Canadian provinces when it was launched in the year 2015. But, later on, provinces started accepting this new Express Entry pathway as it is indeed one of the rapid ways to find skilled talent. So, most of the employers in various provinces got related to the Express Entry. Currently, approximately 17-20 streams of several provincial nominee programs are linked to the Federal Express Entry system. 

Biometrics Is Essential For Express Entry:

If anyone files for a Canadian PR visa, then they have to submit their biometrics as well as their identity proofs. This sort of introduction has been taken by the Canadian government in order to ease the application processing system and shorten the low-risk travellers entry into Canada.

Thus, the Canada Immigration Consultants In Bangalore has given a clear picture of all the above things so that people become aware of it accordingly.

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