Tips for PHP Developers

Some of the tips for PHP developers are:

OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

OOP is the method of programming which is used with classes or objects will tie together. This will help in removing the repetition of code and performing the basic tasks very simply. They are the collection of functions together which are wrapped in a wrapper for reusing it again, without the need of rewriting the functions every time.

Procedural programming works on the web page from top to bottom of the page as server reads the every file on your server. For the freshers who are interested in starting their career in IT industry, they can join in PHP Training in Chennai. There could be one or two objects being instantiated which will perform the certain tasks depends on the variables that pass into the objects.

Develop with Error Report

When starting a new project, you must turn the error reporting to E_ALL and turn it off for ten seconds before going to the production. Every project that I build will comply in the full production mode without the error free. By picking up the small errors, this will grow up as a bite to kill the website.

Using Framework

You shouldnt use the framework because it is quite conclusively proved that framework is much slower than the normal PHP code. A framework that helps the tedious things will help to learn how the frameworks function in order to make the things simpler.

Protect your database

The best way to use the MySQL, _real, _escape for the database before it is added to it. This function will make all the strings safe in the terms of quotes and all other functions which can harm the database or contains the malware code. For learning these tips for PHP developers, they can join in PHP Course in Chennai. By validating all the post and get strings, they never use the _Request for making sure of all the data is of the right type and by adding the value to a database query.

Draw before the code

To get into the practice is to wireframe the projects if youre scribbling the notes on a piece of paper. It is important to give the mechanics of your application; you need to have some idea before starting the code. In the process of planning to actually remove the difficulties in the head.

Understand the project

A cricketer cannot play the cricket without any practice before. At present, the PHP Training institute in Chennai offers the training from top IT professionals. You cannot code the project if you dont completely understand the code.

Uses POST not GET

If it is really not necessary to use the GET, use POST. The reason is GET is simple to emulate the something to my address bar and I can hack your project. GET is the way to pagination and permalinks, but when using the form submission by staying with the POST.

I hope this article will provide you the information about Tips for PHP developers. For more interesting articles about PHP, stay connected with us!

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