What Are the Components of Java Programming Language?

Components of Java Programming Language


Java is widely in use. It is visible worldwide, even on your watch, desktop, and favorite online games. The Java language’s objects are the cause of this rising popularity. Every industry, including banking, gaming, internet shopping, and the stock market, has been completely taken over by them. Its adaptability and access boost its popularity and win it a tonne of favor with all the developers.

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Main Components of Java Programming Language

1. Development Kit for Java (JDK)

When creating Java programs and apps, JDK is vital. It is a setting for creating apps and has several different tools, including a compiler, a generator of documentation, and an interpreter. The compiler’s major result is to turn Java code into byte code.

Although JDK is platform-specific software, it can be used with Windows, Mac, and Linux as well as other operating systems. For each Operating System, you will need a different JDK installer, though. In addition, there are many tools for writing Java applications, which JRE then runs.

Components included in JDK:

  • jConsole
  • jarSigner
  • jstack
  • javawsjar
  • javap
  • keytool
  • policytool

2. Virtual Machine for Java (JVM)

Java programs may be run on any platform, earning them the title “Write Once, Run Anywhere” (WORA). To further translate Java bytecode into machine language, JVM provides a runtime environment for running Java code or applications. The compiler helps produce machine code for a specific system in another coding, but the Java compiler starts for JVM.

Components included in JVM:

  • Initialization
  • Linking
  • StackClassLoader Subsystem
  • Loading
  • Runtime Data Area, which includes heap area, method area, etc.

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3. Runtime Environment for Java (JRE)

JRE aids in running other software because it comes with a loader class, class libraries, and a JVM. It is in charge of running a Java program, to put it simply. It runs on the computer system and then grabs hold of Java code combines it with the appropriate libraries and makes it available to JVM for execution. JDK is necessary for programmers, thus if you are one, you also need JDK. However, because it doesn’t display growth tools like compilers or debuggers, JRE’s function is tied to the running of Java programs.

Java components list in JRE:

  • Code libraries, resource files as well as property settings
  • When it comes to extension, Java component example includes files related to locale specification like localedata.jar
  • Security management files like java. security
  • Applet support classes
  • DLL files
  • True Type font files


The components of the Java programming language are one of its key aspects. It is vital to be proficient in Java if your goal is to become famous through knowing it. These elements support the creation of several Java solutions. These elements are helpful in the process known as compilation, which turns a textual Java program into machine language for the system to understand and run. FITA Academy Reviews will help you understand students’ experiences and how we were in each individual’s learning and development progress.

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