What is Tableau And How Does it works?

What is Tableau?

What is Tableau?What is Tableau?

In the Business Intelligence Industry, Tableau is a strong and rapidly developing data visualisation application. It aids in the simplification of raw data into a format that is simple to comprehend. Tableau assists in the creation of data that is understandable by experts at all levels of a company. Non-technical people can easily develop customised dashboards. Tableau Training in Chennai will enhance your technical skills.

With Tableau, data analysis is quick, and visuals are created in the form of dashboards and workbooks.

Tableau software’s finest features are:

  • Data Blending
  • Analyses in real time
  • Data collaboration

Tableau’s data analytics can be divided into two categories for easy understanding.

Developer Tools: This category includes Tableau tools that are used for development, including as dashboards, charts, report production, and visualisation. Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public are two Tableau products that fall under this category.

Sharing Tools: The objective of these Tableau products, as the name implies, is to share the visualisations, reports, and dashboards that were developed using the developer tools. Tableau Online, Server, and Reader are all products in this category.

The beautiful thing about Tableau software is that it can be used without any technical or programming knowledge. The tool has piqued the curiosity of people from many walks of life, including business, researchers, and various industries. Tableau Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy will enhance your career growth at Tableau.

How does Tableau work?

Tableau links and extracts data from a variety of sources. It can get data from any platform you can think of. Tableau can extract data from a simple database like Excel or a complicated database like Oracle, as well as databases on the cloud like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure SQL database, Google Cloud SQL, and a variety of other data sources.

Tableau comes with ready-to-use data connectors that let you to connect to any database. The number of data connectors supported by Tableau varies depending on the version of Tableau you have purchased.

Tableau Desktop’s data engine, Tableau Desktop, can be used to connect the retrieved data live or extract it. This is where the data analyst and data engineer work with the information gathered and create visuals. Users receive a static file containing the dashboards they have generated. Tableau Reader is used by the users who receive the dashboards to view the file.

The Tableau Desktop data can be uploaded to the Tableau server. This is an enterprise platform that supports collaboration, distribution, governance, security, and automation. The Tableau server gives end customers a better experience when it comes to accessing files from any location, whether it’s a desktop, mobile device, or email.


Here in this blog we discussed about what is tableau and How does Tableau work and to learn more about what is tableau used for, join Tableau Online Course at FITA Academy.

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