Why Java Is A Popular Programming Language

java language

What is Java?

Java is an object-oriented programming language based on the oops concepts, and it uses classes and objects to declare the syntax. Because it uses oops concepts such as polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance, it is a simple programming language to learn. To learn more about the java programming language, join JAVA Course in Chennai at FITA Academy.

Why is Java so popular?

Java was developed in 1994, nearly two decades since the java programming language was founded. But still, this java programming language remains one of the top three programming languages to be learned. Java remains the most popular programming language. It is famous for the following reasons:

1)User Friendly:

Java is a user-friendly programming language. It uses simple English language for syntax. Java also has a simple learning graph. It started with the java basics and moved on to the advanced API. It will be easy to learn if one has basic knowledge of C and C++. Knowing this user-friendly language in their phase is crucial without much hindrance.

2) It has everything:

Java has everything, which means it is suitable for creating any application. It may be mobile, web or other software such as Eclipse and Net beans. Java uses also expanded in data science and machine learning platforms. Java is popularly used because of is independent of the platform we use.

3)Rich API:

Java has a rich API. Some of the standard Application Programming Interfaces are rich with several keywords. Java API can use directly in the applications for any code. It has rich library sources, which are easy to be applied in code whenever possible. It has many open source libraries such as Google guava and Apache. To learn more about the API in java, join Learn Java Online

 4)Great Community:

Java supports a great community. It is an open-source programming language. A wide range of community users supports it. It is easy to rely on this community when we are struck in the middle of coding issues. It is a dependable programming language with many open communities supporting it.

5)Powerful Development Tool:

Java has a powerful tool for several applications. Java has an Integration Development Tool to support several aspects, such as debuggers and editors. NetBeans and Eclipse are some of the popular IDEs. Creating an application with these powerful development tools is vital as the backbone of building applications.


I hope we have learned why Java is the most popular programming language. It is undeniable that it remains in the top three popular languages. It is because of its reliable, robust platform, which is applicable anywhere once the application is developed. It is a gift for programmers who want to work on a dedicated programming language. To get in-depth knowledge of java, joins  Java Course in Bangalore.

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