Which Are The Winter Pests That Are More Likely To Be Found In Wooden Pallets?

It is a well known fact that pallets are the backbone of the logistics industry and wood is the standard material. Wooden Pallet Manufacturers In Chennai prefers to use it to ensure a secure and a safe transportation of goods. With an estimated million pallets in circulation, most of them are designed to be recycled and reused rather than using it only once. So, people need to think about pallet storage to prevent pests regardless of whether the pallets are purchased and managed in-house or they are outsourced to a third-party pallet management provider.

Kinds Of Winter Pests That Are More Likely To Be Found In Wooden Pallets:


Termites are an excellent wood-destroying pest and subterranean termites prefer damp wood thats already been destroyed. Dry wood termites dont need soil and can eat any wood. Signs of termites include hollow wood, darkened wood, and frass as well as mud tubes which are made of wood and soil mixed with saliva. Telltale dry wood termite signs include droppings that end in a dark powdery substance. If there is ever a silent moment in the facility, one can be able to hear a faint rustling sound of a worker termites.

Carpenter Ants:

These ants dont feed on wood, but they do make their homes in decaying or damping wood. The carpenter ants are happier within depending upon the decaying of the wood. Several Plastic Bin Manufacturers In Chennai suggest people to look for wood shavings as they also deal with proper goods shipment so that these ants might clear out the wood to make their nests.

Wood-Destructing Beetles:

These pests may be the hardest to prevent and spot. Adults lay larvae inside the wood and chew up within it thereby causing damage in the structure. Powder post beetles are most likely to have out of the many species of wood destroying beetles which lay their eggs just below the surface of unfinished wood.

Black Widows:

These spiders hide and construct their haphazard webs around woodpiles and in dimly lit man made structures. The wood stored inside the facility is the right hiding spot to find food. So, these bites are venomous and should be handled immediately by the medical professionals.

Thus, the Packaging Material Manufacturers In Chennai has given a clear picture of all the above kinds of pests that are more likely to be found in wooden pallets as they use various methods to secure the package box with a stronghold.

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