Five common mistakes while choosing a uniform for an employee

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In this modern era, every company is willing to promote its brand in multiple ways. The use of social media platforms currently is the best way to grow their brand. The other way of recommending their brand is wearing the same uniform. There is a wide range of T-Shirt printing shops in Chennai that offer various products for their customers. However, the management wishes for the best uniform, so it speaks about the brand and ends up making the wrong decision. Below are the five common mistakes listed while choosing uniform designs. Some of the five common mistakes while choosing a uniform have been listed below.

Mismatching with the role:

The company must consider each position played by the employee while designing. For example, a person working in construction cannot wear a professional dress. So, depending upon the role, the employee’s attire should be either professional or casual. It involves flexibility, comfort, stretchiness, and daily movement. People who tend to go for fieldwork need a breathable fabric picking customized T-shirts will be a great option. 

Choice of colour:

Another blunder made by the industry is choosing bright colors for their material. Bright colors can cause an irritating sensation for the eyes which becomes an unpleasant feeling in the environment. Vibrant colors like red, violet, pink, and so on can be avoided, and choosing warm colors are advisable. It helps in making the environment pleasant and gives positive energy by enabling the employee to work efficiently.

Employee Insight:

Management fails to consider the employee suggestion and opinions which is a big mistake on the company’s part. Every worker has the right to suggest and give a view about what they think. While considering their viewpoint, it is easier to work in harmony and efficiently. Conducting surveys and getting feedback from the workers are great ways to know what they think.


The most common mistake is cost-cutting in the fabric. The companies think that buying at a cheaper cost will save the cost. In reality, it only gives dissatisfaction and discomfort to the employee. In some cases where the color of the fabric fades away, or the material rips away for the slightest stretching. Many wholesale T-Shirts suppliers in Chennai take in bulk orders and provide a good quality of the product. 


The customized uniform is supposed to be worn every day by the employee on every occasion. It should fit perfectly and light up the personality of the person. But, company’s fail here by choosing the free size for all. It is an unsuccessful endeavor because it does not fit the attire, and it seems unprofessional.
Hence while choosing a customized uniform or any T-Shirt printing in Chennai, consider these tips shared in this post.

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